At Sundial, our projects range from houses to extensions, landscaping to interiors, all of which aim to exceed our client's expectations with innovative, energy-efficient solutions.


This detached home has undergone a front and rear extension to give this family more room for socialising.


To add some finishing touches, we fitted a bar in the rear extension matching our clients custom requests to make the space as enjoyable as possible. 


Our clients have lived in the area most of their lives and now want a modern, warm, well-insulated detached house that will allow them to entertain friends and their grown-up family when they visit. They have spent considerable time planning each room of the house and in the finish, they wish to achieve. 


As well as complete new builds we are able to help other developers complete their projects. This bungalow and another beside it were finished by our carpenters, electricians and roofer.

It is again a case of building in the back garden of an existing house and in this location, close to the town centre. It is a 2 bedroomed property with a shared drive.


Our clients have been planning for a long time to design and build their dream home that will accommodate their comforts and occasional visits from visiting family. We are now to clear the overgrown plot, demolish the bungalow and garage and build a new energy-efficient home in a landscaped garden.


Our client, like many of our recent customers, owns an established property with a large garden but now needs a smaller, energy-efficient home with a reduced garden. This build is at the rear of the existing family home making it ideal for us to work closely with the client.


This project has been to work with our client to achieve their lifetime dream of rebuilding on their existing plot. As with many of our recent clients, they love the area they are in but want a high end, energy-efficient house to live in and this house will certainly provide that with its exceptional level of insulation. Sundial has provided most of the trades to support this impressive project which will be completed later this year.


Our clients have found the ideal spot for them to live and work, but they want an ultra-modern, well-insulated home so have decided to move out while we demolish their existing house and put their dream home in its place.


This house is being built near the Sussex coast and will have a flintstone feature to go with the local area where lots of walls and houses have this detail from the stones on the beach.

Project 10_edited.jpg

Our latest customers are settled in a village they love and where they were fortunate to find what we all search for…a dilapidated cottage in a good-sized plot. The plot has gained potential as we have stripped back all the trees, shrubs and undergrowth to reveal a gently sloping plot with even greater potential. For their house design, they have chosen to base their dream home on a variation of the Chiddingstone design which will give them a substantial bungalow.


Our client has enjoyed living in the same Surrey town for a number of years and was delighted to learn that she could have a brand new energy-efficient house in her back garden thereby staying in the area with her family and friends.