Triple Glazing

Used extensively in cold climates. In our ever increasing noisy daily lives it cuts down the external noise.


3x more than the government minimum standard, depends on the design of your roof. Insulation between floors.

Solar Panels

Sited correctly they can greatly reduce the cost of heating your water.

Underfloor Heating

Heat rises so it is sensible to start at the floor! We know if our feet are warm there is a good chance the rest of us will be. Allows all walls to be free of radiators allowing total freedom of where to place furniture.

Photovoltaic Panels

The Government is committed to the idea that we should each catch as much sunlight as possible for our own use and then pass any excess onto others through the National Grid.

Air Management Systems

With the move towards better insulation it is essential to have a full heat recovery system that manages the air flow through your home.

Heat Recovery Pumps

If you intend to stay in your home for many years this can be an excellent long term way of heating your home assisted by Government subsidies.

Rain Water Management

Water is likely to be the new Gold therefore it is essential that we manage it properly by installing a rain water harvester to catch all the rain from our roofs and recycle it though our house as ‘grey water’ and used for computer controlled garden irrigation and car washing.

Waste Management

Should you not be on main foul drainage then installing a Klargester in your garden is an excellent way in managing your waste.

Internal Vacuum System

We can install a system throughout your house that eliminates the use of a vacuum cleaner and collects all the dust in one easy to empty container in the garage.

Audio Management

Managed sound throughout the house is a wonderful addition to the feeling of space and comfort and we can help you chose the right system to be installed in your home.